USEFUL LINKS Torbay & Babbacombe Association Of Sea Anglers


1. Name/Title: The Torbay & Babbacombe Association of Sea Anglers

2. Objectives:

a. To encourage sea angling as a sport and conservation of the marine


b. To organise competitions on the foreshore, piers, breakwaters and at sea.

c. To maintain fish record lists for seniors, juniors and ladies for boat and

shore caught fish.

d. To promote Torbay as an angling centre.

Governing Body:

a. The affairs of the Association shall be administered by its officers and

committee. All are honorary positions.

b. Composition: President, Vice President(s), Life Members, Chairman, Vice

Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Fish Recorder, Fishing Chairman,

Membership Secretary, Junior Chairman, Junior Vice Chairman, Social

Chairman, Clerk of the Scales, Cup

Custodian, Publicity Officer, Magazine Editor, plus ten committee members.

The President and Vice President(s) shall be elected annually, and are exofficio members, and are entitled to vote at all committee meetings. Elected

life Members are entitled to vote at committee and general meetings.

Election of Officers:

All officers and committee of the Association shall be elected annually at the

annual general meeting to serve for one year or until the next annual

general meeting. Before election, nominees must have been fully paid up

members of the Association for a minimum of one year.

Nominations for officers and committee to be submitted to the Secretary in

writing at least ten days before the annual general meeting. Where

insufficient nominations are received in writing, nominations can be

accepted from the floor at the annual general meeting. Members co-opted

onto the committee are entitled to vote.

a. Nominations for Life Members and Vice Presidents have to be submitted to

the committee and if accepted, will be put before the next annual general

meeting for acceptance.

b. Vice Presidents and Life Members are entitled to one vote each at the

annual general meeting and all extra ordinary meetings.

Committee Powers:

a. The Committee is empowered to hold, administer and dispose of all

properties and assets of the association.

b. To set the annual subscription.

c. To make Bye Laws, and Competition and Fishing Rules and to take any

action which they may resolve to be embraced by the objectives as set out

in Rule 2. The Association Rules can only be amended or additions made,

except for Bye Laws and Competition and Fishing Rules, at the General

Meeting called in accordance with Rule 8.

A simple majority of those present will be needed for any proposal to be

passed. Bye Laws, competition and fishing rules can be changed or

alterations made by the committee by a simple majority vote of those

present. The change to be notified to the membership within a reasonable


d. The Chairman shall preside at all committee meetings. If absent the Vice

Chairman shall preside. If they are both absent, the senior officer present

shall take the chair.

e. A quorum for all committee meetings shall be made up of eight officers

and/or committee members.

f. The committee shall meet monthly, and shall meet a minimum of ten

times in each club year.

g. A committee member who is absent for three consecutive meetings

without suitable reason, or who fails to notify the secretary of their intended

absence, will automatically cease to be a member of the committee.


Set annually by the Committee.

a. The club year will commence on December 1st or upon joining and end on

November 30th.

b. New members joining the association in October. Their membership will

be for fourteen months until November 30th of the following year.

c. Members not having paid their full subscription by 1st March of any year

would be deemed to have left the club, and would need to seek re-election.

d. Fish caught before annual subscription or visitors subscription are paid,

are not eligible for any club records awards, prizes or medals and awards of

Federations or Associations to which the

Association is affiliated, except, members will be permitted to register fish

for club records, awards, prizes and medals and awards of

Federations and Associations, the Association is affiliated to between

December 1st and the next annual meeting, providing their

subscription is paid not later than the date of the annual general meeting.


a. Candidates for membership to the Association, must be proposed by and

seconded by a fully paid up senior member of the Association. Acceptance to

the Association will be a simple majority vote of the committee. Once

accepted by the committee, all fish caught by the new member from the

date of their proposal form together with their subscription will be eligible for

club prizes, awards and trophies.

b. A junior is aged under sixteen years of age. On reaching the age of

sixteen, he or she will remain a junior member until the end of the club year,

but all fish caught after their sixteenth birthday will be registered as senior

caught fish.

c. Temporary membership is available only to those living outside the

County of Devon, and for a maximum period of four weeks, at a fee of

£5.00. Any challenge cup or trophy awarded to a

temporary member will stay with the Association, but their name will be

engraved upon it, if names are usually engraved upon it.

d. Netsmen who use gill, mono, Longlines and ray type nets, whether fixed

or drift, are full time or part time, amateur or commercial fishermen are

barred from membership of the Association.

The annual general meeting must be held in the early part of each club year.

Extra ordinary general meetings may be called at the written request of

eight or more ordinary paid up members of the Association. Only such

business as given on the notice shall be discussed and voted on. Members to

receive not less than ten days clear notice of all annual and extra ordinary


Treasurer's Duties:

To bank all monies received by the Association and to prepare a balance

sheet which shall be audited and presented at the Annual General Meetin


All cups and trophies to be the property of the Association, and to be insured

annually by the Association where appropriate.

They must be returned to the Association's Cup Custodian not later than

October 31st of each year.

Fishing Limits:

Fish eligible for all Association competitions and prizes and trophies must

have been caught to the west of a line drawn from the old

Severn road bridge on the north coast, to Portland Bill on the south coast,

Include the coastline of the Isle of Portland and Weymouth Harbour.

The Channel Islands and boats leaving Weymouth harbour are excluded.

Fishing Rules:

a. Fishing from any structure which rises and falls with the tide shall be

classed as boat fishing, e.g. marinas, pontoons.

b. A boat trip is defined as a boat leaving a harbour ,river or launching area

within Association's boundaries and returning to that same harbour, river or

launching area within 24 hours, without landing at any other port, harbour,

river or launching


c. Inshore boat fishing is defined as being within 5 miles of the shore line

within the club's boundaries, excluding all wrecks. All fish caught outside a

five mile limit will be classified as being a wreck caught fish. All drifts

commenced over a wreck, is wreck fishing for the duration of the drift.

13. Any member heard voicing adverse criticism, writing or

publishing defamatory remarks about the Association, or

bringing the Association into disrepute will be brought before the Committee

for disciplinary action, which may result in that person being barred from the

Association. Any person barred from membership of another angling club or association will not be eligible for membership of the Torbay and Babbacombe ASA.


Seniors £15.00, Husband and Wife £18.00, Family £20.00

i.e. 2 adults, maximum of 2 children under 16 years,

Juniors £3.00, Visitors £5.00. Student (16 to 18 in full time education) £5.00

2. The Association will maintain record lists for seniors, juniors, and ladies

from boat and shore. Juniors and ladies can hold records on the seniors list.

3. The Association will be affiliated to the Angling Trust and British Conger

Club, or any other Association or Federation they may decide from time to


a. Members to fish to Angling Trust Rules which allow a maximum of two

rods, to which a maximum of three hooks are attached.

A pennel rig will be deemed one hook providing the distance between the

hook eyes do not exceed 10cm (four inches) for shore rigs and 20cm (eight

inches) for boat rigs.

b. All fish must be weighed ON SHORE on certified scales. All specimen and

club record fish must be witnessed by a committee member in accordance

with rule 3e. Fish registered with another Club, Association or Federation,

other than those listed under Bye Law 3 cannot win Association prizes, cups,

Trophies, medals, or become an Associate record.

c. All fish must be weighed within twenty four hours of capture on scales

approved by the Association. In exceptional circumstances fish may be

weighed at another recognised Angling Club, by a recognised tradesman i.e.

fishmonger, greengrocer, butcher, or other nominated committee member,

providing the scales comply with the weights and measurers orders and or

the Angling Trust Rules. Specie, weight, port of

departure, and boat names where appropriate, must be

recorded on the club weight docket or tradesman's official Club docket, or

tradesman's official headed note paper, and signed by the person weighing

the fish. All weight dockets must be forwarded to the Association's Fish

Recorder within seven days.

Weight dockets not forwarded to the Association's Fish

Recorder within seven days may not be considered for Angling Trust monthly or annual

awards. It is the members responsibility to get the weight dockets

to the Association's Fish Recorder.

d. It is the responsibility of all Association members fishing in open

competitions or matches, including inter club matches, whether organised by

the Association or others, to collect a certified weight docket and send to the

Association's Fish Recorder.

e. All specimen fish and potential club record fish must be identified and

verified by an officer or committee member of the Association or an officer

or committee member of another recognised Angling Club. Members may be

requested to take or send their fish at their own expense to the Marine


Association of the UK at Plymouth if identification cannot be positively made

by the Association's Clerk of the Scales, before acceptance for Association

records, prizes or trophies.

f. Minimum Sizes

Any fish brought to the scales for weighing by a member below the minimum

size as listed in the current Association's handbook will render their catch


g. Mackerel caught from boat or shore on feathers are not eligible for any

club awards.


a. For all Association competitions, trophies and medals, fish will be

compared against Torbay & Babbacombe ASA specimen weights list.

b. Angling Trust medal awards. All fish will be compared against the Angling

Trust specimen list for the area where the fish was caught.

c. For Wyvern Division, or other Federation or Association awards, fish will

be compared against their individual specimen weight list.

d. Competition weigh-ins. Roving and boat competition weigh-ins will be at

the place and time designated on the annual fixture list. On fixed venue

competitions, weigh-ins will be at the venue, at the time and place given on

the competition fixture list.

e. A fish caught on a two day Bank Holiday competition, will for the fish of

the month competition be recorded on date of capture, and not date of the


f. On all club competitions, where a junior wins a senior prize, that junior

cannot win a junior prize with the same fish.

g. All juniors fishing in boat competitions must wear approved life- jacket. It

is the responsibility of all parents or guardians or the boat owner, not the

Association to see this rule is enforced.

h. The decision of the appointed steward for each competition shall be final

in all disputes arising during or after the competition.

He/she may defer that decision and place the complaint before the

committee whose decision will be final.

i. In open competitions trophies will be retained and a replica will be issued

for angler to keep.

5. Members of the Association cannot take more than two annual trophies

with one fish with the exception of the Association.

The mouth of the River Dart is determined by an imaginary line between Dartmouth Castle and Kingswear Castle.

Any trophy damaged while in the possession of an Association member, then that member may be required to repair the trophy at their expense.

Personal members of the Angling Trust are responsible for registering their own fish with these Federations.